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Donate to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation!

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Help us continue our work domestically and internationally!

As we have reached our milestone of over 1500 successfully rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed dogs, we need you more than ever. You and your support are vital to ensure that the Vanderpump Dog Foundation can continue even during crisis, which is when non-profit like ours are needed the most.

With your help along the way, we’ve certainly made incredibly strides in our Foundation’s work including incredible programming such as monthly low cost spay + neuter days and dental clinics to the public, a Veterans Program, providing homeless communities assistance with their canine companions as well as the growth of our major international programs such as the completion of on on-site mini hospital at our China facilities where we now can perform on-site medical and sterilization surgeries.

Without you — we could not do as much for our canine community and provide the care many of these animals desperately need.

Thank you for wanting to support the Vanderpump Dog Foundation with your generous gift that will further our work for our canine community both domestically and around the world.